Frequently Asked Questions

What is IPOPS

IPOPS is the acronym for Imej Parking (Group of Companies) Online Payment System.

What is the purpose of IPOPS?

To enable easier season transaction at car parks. This will also eliminate unnecessary procedures and also creates alternative payment mode for customers.

Where the payment portal is located?

Please access Imej Parking Sdn Bhd’s (IPSB) official website at ipops.imejparking.com.my and then the access to the registration and payment portal is shown on the main site.

Why the cash payment and cheque acceptance at the car parks is discontinued?

Via the IPOPS initiative, all cash and cheque handling at the individual car parks had been discontinued as these transactions can be made online As such, all components that facilitates manual payment at car parks (such as issuance of receipt) had been removed gradually.

Who can enjoy the facilities provided through IPOPS?

All, company and individuals. All that needs to be done is to register your particulars and get the registration authenticated by the MIS team, following which you can enjoy using the facilities from the comfort of your chosen location.

Is there any charge applicable for me to use the IPOPS portal?

There is no charges for using IPOPS system and also for the payment using IPAY88 Services.

What can I do using the IPOPS portal?

You can do all the parking application by online such as Parking Application, Parking Renewal, On Hold Request, Report and Pay Lost Passcard, Report and Pay Damaged Passcard, Report Invalid Passcard, Update your Profile Information, Change your Password, View your payment record, view your Invoices and Refund Application.

How long will it take to process my new pass card application with IPOPS?

The pass card can be collected at your respective car parks within three (3) working days once your request is completed and authenticated. The same applies for damaged/lost passcard applications.

Do I have to return (temporarily) my pass card should I apply for an On Hold period?

Not required. As long as you had filled the form online, our administrator will deactivate your card according to the date you had specified. If you fail to commence the parking after the stipulated On Hold period, your parking facility will be cancelled accordingly (refer to the Terms and Condition in the IPOPS portal)

I am applying for refund. How long will it take to process it now?

Two (2) to four (4) weeks maximum as per our Terms and Conditions.

My car park is not in the IPOPS portal. Why is this so?

Possibly there are two reasons :-

1) Your car park is yet to be included in the database (in progress).

2) There are contractual commitments of Imej Group of Companies that disabling the car parks in question to be included in the portal.

However, in case the abovesaid query comes to you, request the person who had enquired to write to us at ipops@imej.com.my for further information by the teams involved.

How is the blocking procedure performed nowadays?

The blocking date is still maintained at the 3rd (for individuals) and 10th (company/corporate accounts) of each month. However, late payments will definitely result in auto blocking of your respective pass cards as the system is controlled centrally nowadays and not at the respective car parks. As such, please effect your payments much earlier than what are you used to do at current.

My payments are not recognised as my card is still being blocked at the blocking date. Why is this so?

1) Your payment is not in full (IPSB only entertains full payment) or might be rejected by your banker for whatever reason that they deem fit.

2) You had made your payment in last minute before the blocking date. Since the system is online centrally, the card is blocked. If this happens, please print out your IPOPS payment receipt and give it to the car park respective.

I had made a wrong transaction or transferred a wrong sum of payment to your account. I want a refund. How shall I go about this?

Your refund will be processed immediately by our MIS Department for their onward transmission to our bankers i.e. CIMB. This will take another seven (7) working days for their processed and the amount in question will directly debit onto your account. However this is not the same procedure for pass card deposit refund as the processing is still being done at our end. So the two (2) to four (4) weeks period still stands.

Existing customers, how to login without username and password?

You may directly contact IPOPS team via email ipops@imej.com.my or contact us at 03-80701399

Can I make payment for more than 1 month?

Yes, payment can be made for more than 1 month by clicking drop down payment month

What is the payment channel?

Payment channel page allow you to choose your preferred available online banking. List of the banks included CIMB Clicks, Maybank2U, RHB Now, Public E Bank, Affin Online and many more.

I am unable to upload my transaction slip for the manual payment, what should I do?

Firstly, please check what the internet browser you are using is. IPOPS is only compatible with internet browsers such as Mozilla, Chrome and Internet Explorer 8 and above. Image can be uploaded easily if you have these internet browsers.

Secondly, please check your file format you are trying to upload. Please use a common file format such as PDF, Word or Image file.

Thirdly, please check your internet connection. Please use a stable internet connection to perform this action.

How will I know if my manual payment is updated successfully?

Once you click ADD MANUAL PAYMENT, the system will prompt you to view back the records of manual payments that you had completed with a status ” Waiting for approval “.

Once the payment is updated, how long will it take for me to get my receipt?

Normally customers will be able to view the receipt at ‘Payment History’ within 24 hours but for urgent cases, admin will process and verify your payment once updated

How to apply for new season parking? What are the procedures?

i. All new application should be done online. Once register, click ‘Apply New Parking’ link to select your parking site and parking category. If the parking slot is available, Admin will approve your application and the system will ask you to pay the parking rental with deposit amount.

ii. If the parking slots are full, you will be included in waiting list without charges. We will assign you the parking slot once available.

However, this is only available for Individual customers only. For corporate account, kindly please email IPOPS team for new application.

I have lost my pass card. How to get the replacement pass card?

i. Customer to pay for lost/damaged amount
ii. Click ‘Report Lost Passcard’ link, enter required information and click submit
iii. The system will prompt up the charges
iv. Choose your preferred banking and pay. Once payment is successful, we will process your new card and sent to the respective car park within 3 working days.

I am not going to utilise the car park for a certain months. What should I do?

Request for on hold or delay for the parking:
i. Click ‘on hold/delay’ link, enter required information & click submit
ii. Successful application will be shown in the application history


You may safe keep your passcard.

What are the methods of payment applicable for payment into IPOPS?

All individual account are required to pay via IPOPS system only by using IPAY88 services where you can choose your preferred available online banking.

For Corporate account, Payment via Cash Depositing Machines (CDM) and transfer of funds over the counter will be accepted. However, all customers are advised to make payment via the CIMB Clicks and thereafter this to be self-updated into our system via the Tax Invoice menu. Please be informed that payments through alternative internet banking portals are also encouraged i.e. MayBank2U, AmOnline, OCBC Internet Banking, PBB Interbank Transfer and etc directly into Imej Parking’s account.

I am having problem to login. Error occurred.

This is due to password error. You have 2 options to reset your password:
1) Click forgot password option. You have to enter your username in the space provided to send a reset link to your email.
2) Call our administrator. We will assist you to reset your password

I am unable to register into IPOPS

The one and only reasons is your internet browser you are using is not compatible with IPOPS. Please use internet browsers such as Mozilla, Chrome and Internet Explorer 8 and above.

Currently I am using my friend’s pass card. Can I apply for ownership transfer of the pass card?

The pass card is non-transferable. You need to return the pass card and apply for the new one.

What is the different between Individual and Corporate account at the registration page

Individual – Monthly payment will be paid by the individual itself.

Corporate – Monthly payment will be paid by company account.

What is Penalty Charges

Penalty charge is the additional incurring payment which will be due for all late paymasters (Individual after the 3rd of each month and Corporate after the 4th of each month)

How much the charge

RM50 per passcard ( for Individual account ) and RM50 per invoice for each month ( for Corporate customer )

How is the charge applied

  • Individual – Penalty will be charged to all defaulters via IPOPS system. System will show the penalty charge once it is due in case of late payment.
  • Corporate – A tax invoice will be issued by the IPOPS system once your payment is due.

How to pay the penalty charges?

Via IPOPS system only ( for Individual ) by using any available online banking in our system. For Corporate customers, via Bank Transfer, Bank Counter or Cheque to IMEJ PARKING SDN BHD CIMB BANK 8000919379 and thereafter updating the payments onto IPOPS profile.

Can the penalty charges be waived

However, a request for waiver with all the corresponding and necessary documents can be submitted after all the outstanding payments are made. The case will be then reviewed by our management for their further actions.

Payment is made before the due date but the details are not uploaded onto IPOPS before the payment due date (Only applicable for Corporate Customers). Will there be a penalty charge applied

A penalty charge is due as even though the payments are made within the stipulated date, the profile is not updated as the customers are supposedly to update their individual profiles ASAP.

What will happen if the due date falls on a public holiday or weekend. Is the due date will be in accordance to the next business day

The due dates are still standard notwithstanding any holidays or weekend, As such, the payments will be due on the 3rd for Individuals and 10th for Corporate.

I have problem to do the payment via your IPOPS system before the due date. Can I get exceptional on the penalty charges

We will review the cause of the problem from every aspect. If the error comes from our site, we may consider on your request but if the problem is from your site, your request will not be entertained.

I have paid my monthly parking before due date and passed up the payment slip to the car park office. Why I still being charged for penalty

As per our previous announcement, all payment made outside the system must be updated into your IPOPS profile by your good self before the due date. Failing to do so will resulted in your parking access to the respective car park will be blocked automatically by the system and penalty charges will be imposed.

I have paid and update the payment into your IPOPS system accordingly on the last day before due date after 10PM but the status showing “Waiting for approval ”. Is it I will be charged for penalty on the next day

Our working hour is from 9AM to 6.15M. However, we still consider approving the manual payment uploaded by you before 10PM. As such, all payment made and updated before 10PM on the last day before due date will be approved accordingly where payment made and updated after that time will remain un-approve and will be charged for penalty on the due date.

I have been issued with quarterly / yearly Tax Invoices. If I have late to pay for the monthly parking for the first and subsequent month, how does the system charge me for penalty

Even you have received a quarterly / yearly Tax Invoices, the penalty will be charged based on per invoice for each month. As such, if you have not pay for the first month, a RM50 of Penalty Invoice will be issued. If still no payments receive for the subsequent month after the due date again, another RM50 Penalty Invoice will be issued to you and so on