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Dear Customers / Patrons,

 Please be informed that with effect from 1st October 2016, all blocking of pass cards for non-payment accounts will be fully automated and will be enforced immediately whenever the  parking date period expires every month for each category as follows :-

  1. Individual Customers on the 4th of each month
  2. Corporate Customers on the 11th of each month

 Non paymasters before the due date will be blocked without any further notice and will only be allowed to enjoy the season parking privilege once the outstanding payments are  cleared.
 Late payments will be also subjected to Reconnection Fee of RM50 per passcard  for all individual customers and RM50 per invoice for all corporate customers.

 Please do make your payments in time and for corporate customers, eventhough your payment is made before due date, please ensure your payment details are updated into IPOPS before the due date as well,  to avoid any inconveniences.

 Thanks and regards

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