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Financial Feasibility Studies

Provide independent Financial Feasibility Studies on the overall car park operations.

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Operations and Management Services

Provide comprehensive hands-on operation and management expertise.

Car Park Audit, Accounting and Administration

Provide comprehensive Auditing, Accounting and Administrative support complete with audited reports.

Tenant Parking Season Facilities

Propose procedures for the issuing, updating, replacement and revocation of season parking facilities.

Car Park Lighting

Propose lighting plans for the parking areas.

Operational Staff

Provide sufficient trained car park personnel of all levels.

Traffic Circulation Plan

Propose traffic plan in the car park and the access roads.

Optimal Car Park Utilization

Propose most efficient use of spaces, additional spaces, space re-design, and space allocation.

Parking Sector Control

Propose the most efficient manner to monitor and control available parking spaces so as to reduce traffic circulation and improve efficient space utilization.

Car Park Access Control Equipment

Propose and supply the most suitable parking system and equipment based on requirements and location of payment points for hourly and season parkers.

Parking Charges

Propose appropriate visitor parking and season parking rates based on present market conditions and rates chargeable within the vicinity of the car park.

Scheme of Management for Access Roads

Propose scheme for transiting traffic, loading and unloading, passenger pick-up and put down garbage collection, emergency vehicles access.

Ingress and Egress Points Management

Review proposed layout for processing traffic into and out of the facility on to access roads (outside of car park) and public roads to minimize as well as avoid delays and traffic congestion.

Signages and Markings

Propose both static and dynamic signages with the intention of ensuring smooth flow of traffic, minimize potential risk of accidents, third party claims for loss and damages to property and persons.

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